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TradingPlate Pty Ltd of 58 Poath road Hughesdale 3166 Victoria ACN (658880114) (we, us, our”) will receive and use personal information supplied by you to us and from third parties in relation to the use of the Website

It is important we protect your personal information to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 “Privacy Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”).

Ambit of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is to inform you how TradingPlate gathers, stores, manages and protects your information and to help you understand your rights and obligations under the Privacy Act.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

TradingPlate Pty Ltd may in its sole discretion change this Privacy Policy at any stage, at which date an updated Privacy Policy will be posted on our website.

1.        Your Information

We will collect your information through the use of the website which is an open online marketplace for the purchase and sale of licence plates. We also shall receive from time-to-time advertising materials and details of transactions which we shall analyse and collect for our sole use. The
personal information which may be collected and which is not limited to is your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, motor vehicle registration numbers, product preferences, username and passwords if you have any account with us and other general information that you can provide to us.

2.        Use of your information

By using our website to conduct a transaction either as a buyer or seller, we will collect personal information from you when you register your details with us, submit number plates along with certificates of authenticity for verification, when you customise your reserve or auction price or
provide bids for the purchase of plates. On occasions we will use other links and websites. However, the use of these shall not access any of
our stored information, especially any credit card or payment details. It may be possible for us to collect information available to the public or our suppliers, contractors and business partners. In the event that we collect information about you from a third party, that third party must inform you that we are holding such information and how we shall use and disclose it and that it is your right to contact us to gain access to such information and correct and update the information.

In the event we obtain unsolicited information and if we conclude that this information has not been obtained lawfully under the Privacy Act, we shall destroy it or re-identify the information where it is lawful to do so. In the event that information is obtained we will take reasonable steps to inform you of what information we have obtained and how it has been obtained. We shall also advise how we should use this information and refer you specifically to this Privacy Policy in that event.

3.        Use of your information

Any information supplied to us and collected by us shall be used in the provision of communication, administration and the providing of services to those using our website. Your information may be used to improve our service and the products offered on the website and to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and to manage our business. Your information will not be used or disclosed for any other purpose unless you consent to such usage or disclosure.

4.        Personal Protection Information

The storage of your personal information either physical, electronic or in the cloud storage system, shall be protected by adequate physical storage facilities and cyber software protection systems.

5.        Direct Marketing

This website will use personal information for the continued marketing, if appropriate, to those who use our website in relation to our services, products, and links that you, in our opinion, may be interested in. Unless you otherwise advise, we may use your details with other organisations for marketing purposes including the building of a profile of customer behaviour with our website. You may, at your discretion, advise if at any time you no longer wish to receive our information by “unsubscribing” to our marketing materials.

6.        The Use of Cookies

Cookies allow a computer to identify another computer and does not permit any reference to a specific individual. Your internet browser will contain information about your cookie settings which you must refer to. A cookie stored in your computer’s memory or hard drive specifically identifies
computers which are in communication with your computer in order to collect information on how the users of a website access that website.

7.        Disclosure from Overseas Sources

In the event that cloud based storage solutions are used to store personal information, such personal information may not always involve disclosure of your identity. You consent to the storage of information on overseas servers and acknowledge that APP 8.1 will not apply to such disclosures. In
the event that there is a breach of the APPs you will not be able to seek redress under the Privacy Act against us.

8.        Correction of your Personal information

If you believe that information is incorrect for any reason, you may contact our Privacy Officer in relation to the alteration of your private information and we shall attempt to deal with your request within a reasonable time. We will provide you with a written explanation on any occasion that we refuse to comply with your request and setting out the reasons for the refusal and setting out the relevant provisions of the Privacy Act. The Act requires us to provide you with avenues to follow about your treatment. We are not required to correct your personal information in the event that we believe correction is not warranted. If this occurs, we shall provide you with written notice of our reasons. In the event we incur expenses in relation to your request to access personal information, we may recover our reasonable costs from you.

9.        Who to Contact

If you wish to raise any matters in relation to this Policy you may do so in writing by contacting the Privacy Office by email:
We will take all complaints seriously and will respond to any complaint within a reasonable period of time.
You may also lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by telephone: 1300 363 992 or email:

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